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Mar 27, 2007
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Hey all!! Though it's not quite warm here yet (draaaag) I had my first spring session. I'll go ahead and tell you what I need critique and help on before I post the shots (of course feel free to critique other aspects as well!! I'd kinda like to be torn apart here, haha)!!! First off, the exposure I wanted was great for their faces but I kept blowing out the whites of their shirts...I don't know how to correct this. Lower exposure and use of a flash? Hmm...

Also, it was a pretty cloudy day with short periods of sun, but mostly cloudy. And yea, cloudy is great for nice even lighting. However, my shots never seem to be as sharp when it's cloudy. I know this may sound stupid coming from a "professional" but what's the reason for this and how can I still get my shots tack sharp?? Add more light? No flash was used for any of this, all natural lighting, but I do carry a Speedlight with me. THANKS in advance!! You all rock my socks! :)







I would lower your exposure, and brighten their skin in post. This is why I tell my clients not to wear white. :) It gets blown easily.

It also looks like you might have blow the red channel in their skin....i dont know for sure without checking, but It seems to look like it in many of them. Especially 2 & 3

Overcast days are great for even light, but eyes and anything like that get darkened because there isnt a lot of light shining into them. Im getting to where I love full sun more then cloudy days. :)
Thanks so much Sarah! And thanks for pointing out the red issue, I'll take a look at that.

Yea I know some people say not to wear white, but parents seem to love it so much and I don't want to say not to just because I don't have the "skill" to photograph it correctly. I think I am going to do what you said and lower my exposure and brighten in post. Even when it's blown though I don't think it looks THAT bad...not as bad as the subject being completely out of focus or something, you know...meh, I'll keep practicing! Thanks again for the feedback!
not to ruin this thread but, isnt there a filter that can help with the whole blown whites issue? Seems like a pain when you have hundreds of photos to do post processing (i.e. brides)
Looks like a fun session. The one thing I will suggest is working a bit more with the posing so you don't have feet coming right at the camera.

Looks like you were working a "tough room."

I looooooovvvvvveeeee number 5. But the white area in the top right is kinda distracting to me. But amazing none the less.
I really like the last one. What a moment.

When you aren't using artificial light, it can be pretty easy to bracket. I'm not sure what body you're using, but my D200 can be set to just bracket two exposures, one zeroed and one either 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, or one stop under. I might try something like this for the trickier shots in your situation, because then you can choose later in the comfort of your own workflow. Sometimes you may want to drop the hot one a little bit, and sometimes you may get better results from brightening the skin in the bracketed exposure, but at least you have the flexibility. It could also make you a little less histogram-obsessed (and LCD-obsessed in general), which I know I for one could use.
I think the shots are great. Remember photography IS an art. I think too many get caught up in making the exposure perfect, they don't realize the pictures look fine as they are. In your case, you have wonderful composition, nice exposure, and great use of photoshop. I love them, I don't think there is much to change

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