First time model shoot C&c please


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May 25, 2008
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Here we go.......................................




WOW 40 views and nothin ....................
How did you light the subject?

Do you have the exif data for each shot?
I will preface these comments with "I am new here".

Overall I liked the poses used, especially the first. unfortunately the shadow surrounding her body was distracting I would have lit the subject from the top as well to reduce the "halo".

All of the picturea appear to be slightly yellow/orange in hue, possibly no flash and standard flourecent light bulbs?

I'm big on symetry and the pillows in the first picture seem to be off - too much space between the right arm and pillow compared ot the space between the left arm and pillow.

Good use of shadow detail in pictures 3 and 4 but watch the seam placement of your props. Both the seam on the seat in picture 3 and the seam on the wall in picture 4 seem to hit the model in bad spots pulling the eye away form the focal point of the photo.
For a first attempt they are not to bad.

1. I like the idea but something is off. I am not quite sure what is missing but something is for sure.

2. Lighting is a little strong and is creating hot spots on you model. There is to much skin going on too. It takes the attention away from the model. The background is to busy as well.

3. This in my opinion is the best of all the shots. The lighting is better here but the composition is a little too centered.

4. Not really sure about the pose in this shot. I think the issue I have with this is the shadows.

For all the shots I think your models facial expressions should match her pose. I think the third shot is the best example of that.
I think the first is awsome in idea, concept, layout etc. It's easilly my favourite.

It does need tweaking with lighting and attention to detail but it's an excellent idea.

the 4th is not bad but I think it would have been better done either on F22 to get the depth of field ( or if that didn't work use Large Format with Tilt to get the whole image sharp ).
Hey thank you to everybody and the great c&c believe me it helps more than you all know .

Samanax & cdangelo I was using regular incandesent bulbs in my 12" reflectors and my boom light 5min after we started burned out and it was brand new that morning needless to say I was a bit pissed.......As far as the EXIF data I want to say it was 50mm 2.8 Iso 200 100th/s.

Bigboi3 thanx for the comment

Mgw189 as always great comments and tips thanx again

Katier great comments and this was also one of mine and definatly the models favorite shot . I am still learning my lighting techniqe so I will take all these comments and put them to good use.....

I am also selling all my incandesent setup and going to all flouresent so I hope that helps me out a bit more.
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1. It's bad, the pose is unnatural and looks really uncomfortable. It's also out of focus, has harsh shadows, and the white balance looks off a bit.

2. The best of the series. She could be a bit sharper and the lighting isnt even. There is a darker area on the right of the picture. Also the shadows look a little harsh, I would've used another light or a reflector to lift them a bit.

3 + 4. Looks like the lighting is a little harsh again. The shadows behind her makes it look like you used on camera flash or something. White balance makes her look orange. Also on #4 it seems like the focal point is her hair and not the eyes. Getting the eyes in focus is crucial.

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