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Jul 6, 2013
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Charleston South Carolina
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Hello all,

I am new to photography and these are my first ocean scene shots and looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks. Please CC I am having a lot of fun so far and looking to learn everything i can. Thanks

I would say you did a pretty good job for your first time. I am new to photography as well so I don't really have any CC but I like #3 and #4 the best.
I literally love them all, Ive been looking through a lot of these newer threads and this has to be one of my favorites.
I have never seen trees growing or dead in the sea/ocean like that before!

Pretty good for a first attempt, I like the second last one the most I think. Shame you clipped off a little bit of the tree.
The exposure looks a little off in them but I am on the phone so..... Also one or two don't look 100% straight and maybe try sticking to the rule of thirds a bit more.

All being said I'm a noob too but I think for a first effort you done very well sir! Good stuff :)
Did you use a cpl on the last shot? You really nailed the sky in it. Or is it because you changed settings or faced camera away from the sun
I really like all of these. Which beach were these taken at?
When I took these I have to admit I was excited to be out and forgot to check the levels each time I moved my tripod. A rookie move for sure lol. My camera doesn't have the grid for the rule of thirds. but think i am getting better eye balling it and correcting it in photoshop. As far as a Cpl., I have no clue what that is. The beach is at Botany Bay in edisto island South Carolina.
Very good, these trees would be great with a long exposure using a big stopper to smooth out the clouds and sea.
Next time you're at that beach, try to take with you neutral-grey filter, it makes water look like one big stream.
Also, check this app, i see, try to make some slideshows, ocean theme is very suitable for this
#3 & 10 are my favorites. The long exposure keeps the water smooth, with rich color in #10!
Never seen trees in the sea like that, I like the last shot, nice composition and colour.

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