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Feb 11, 2008
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I've been a member on here since September, but I don't ever recall using it before. So I've finally built up the nerve to post.

Here's a shot from early this morning while I was waiting to catch some trout.
Why could I have done differently that would have improved this shot?

i like it, a slower shutter speed to blur water i think will be better.
Thanks, and I never really could grasp the concept of blurring the water, i have tried but I always fail at it.
But there's no point in giving up.
Shameless plug:

I'm also trying to get better at it.

From what I understand, you want the exposure time to be the longest, so that in the time you are taking the picture the water movement is captured.

Unfortunately, for this too happen, generally too much light has entered (overexposure), so everything can be pretty much overexposed.

To counteract that, a smaller aperture is necessary, so that less light/amount of time comes in; thus making the picture properly exposed.

However, as per my last attempt... stopping down too much (f36 in my example), leads to things looking soft, due to diffraction.

I guess I need to find a balance for that.

Hope that helps.

(If anyone else wants to correct anything I said feel free, I'm pretty new to this as well)
your not failing at water, slow your shutter up to 4+ seconds. also, alot of the image looks like out of focus or motion blur, but its because its focused on the tree branch. i like that, it made me think. great work.

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