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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by YoMoe, Feb 6, 2010.

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    I'm totally new to photography it's been a week since I got my D90. I tried shooting boys Basketball today - first time in manual!!! Shutter 1/200, Aperture 3.2, ISO 640. I was using the focus in the AF-C (continuous focusing mode). I tried using the histogram to get the correct settings.

    I did have some problems cutting off limbs. I think I probably need a wider angle lens - From the corner near the basket I can't get all their gangly limbs in the frame.

    Here are my results:




    Here are the rest:Picasa Web Albums - yohenrys - Pat BB

    I would love some C&C. I am very new but eager to get better. I can handle the truth, these shoulders are broad so pile it on!!!

    I also have a question about the Autofocus area modes. Anyone have the D90? Usually have it set to Single point. Would dynamic area or auto area be better. I think a lot of my shots are not completely in focus or the kid I'm trying to get in focus is not in the center of the frame so the camera will pick a point in the background or something. I'm not exactly clear on when to use which mode. I have read the manual but they all sound like they would be good almost all the time. Any thoughts?


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