First Time With A 35mm SLR - 56K Beware - 6 Pics

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    If you read my previous post you'll have noticed that i've swapped from digital to film. I'm still getting used to the setting and here are the first few i took at a local park.

    Let me know what you think, I know they aren't great but i'd like tips on exposure etc if poss

    Any comments appreciated



    no 1 - this shot was of the hall taken across a pond covered in blossom, the light seemed good but it fooled the meter and i may have underexposed. I tried to correct this in photoshop. The trees seemed to frame the view


    no 2 - walked past these duck pond and tried to catch these two


    no 3 - this was my first attempt at doctoring a shot to remove distracting or unwanted elements. There was a carrier bag on the steps and one on the tree's and a fair amount of litter on the lawn. Naturally i didn't notice at the time but you learn by these things and i felt it needed touching up


    no 4 - My friends dad's dog tucking into what looks like ribs! I tried to get a shallow depth of field with a large aperture but not sure if I got it right. The dog's nose also looks a bit too light and lacks detail


    no 5 - I liked the shape of this tree it was pretty interesting but perhaps too busy?


    no 6 - this view was my very first shot, i'd been borrowing a pentax me super, put my first film in and took some shot and then had to hand it back, hence the new cam. This was shot high up a couple of weeks ago.



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