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Aug 3, 2012
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Mustang Oklahoma
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Well with working with my own light tent. I have only found a couple youtube videos on working with them. As of today, I have 1 light, a speed light with a radio trigger. I will be getting some constant lighting this week but I had to try it out.

Here are three different images all shot with a Canon 7D mk ii, 24-70mm f/2.8 @ 40mm, ISO 100, f/8.0, 1/250. The difference is the placement of the light.

Which would you pick. If you see something that could be better with only 1 speed light? Am I on the right track?



Okay, so after looking at it, I am going to c&c my own images. I think #2 is probably the winner because the shadow is just about gone in it. Whereas the other two have a shadow.
I downloaded them and looked at them without having seen your comments in post #2...I honestly liked the last one, just because I liked the way the front element on the old Vivitar 200/3.5 revealed the front element a bit more so than the other two shots did. i used to shoot with a Vivitar 200/3.5 many years ago, back in the film era! I was focused on the lens, more than the Canon camera, which looks similar in all the frames. I thought the darkest lens rendition was the weakest shot. True, #3 (Canonfilm 22) does have a bit of a shadow, and it appears a wee bit darker than maybe is optimal, but for me, the shadow and the lens front made it look the most "real".
Thanks Derrel. I see your point. I those are the two that I liked best, but I wanted to add one that was a little "brighter" for comparison. (I used #3 for my other post.)

In #2, I had the flash high and to the right side aiming down. In #3, I had the flash low and to the right. In both the light was at the edge of the light tent nearest to the camera. I think in #1, the light was on top of the light tent aiming down.

Looking forward to getting some lighting to be able to use this light tent effectively. It was fun playing with it last night for a little bit.

I was moving the flash around all over the place trying to see how it changed things. This next time (probably Wednesday), I'll have the lights and I will shoot tethered so that I can see better. It should be fun and keep me busy all evening.

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