First try at light box C&C please (lots of them)

CW Jones

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Feb 26, 2009
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Alright I just built my light box today and was playing around with it for a good 2 hours.... here are some of the ones I thought came out well, please let me know what you think and how to make adjustments :mrgreen:







White balance is off unless you used gray paper.... A quick levels adjustment should fix it for you. Your lighting is also a bit dim. Brightening that up may also correct the white issues. The cell phone needs to be higher in the frame.
Played a little bit with the first shot its the lighting that is your biggest issue. There isnt enough of it. The more I look the more I realize this now. How many light sources did you use for these shots?
I used 2 lights, both pointed right into the box from the side I was shooting from. I do realize my white balance is off now :( things you wish you saw sooner...

I used what I would call crappy lights haha just 2 random fixtures I found around the house, both with energy star 9w equivalent bulbs, at first I thought it was plenty of light... but about halfway through I was looking for another source, just couldnt find anything at all.
hmmm ya looks like I will need some better lighting, which I planned on getting for it anyways as long as these came out decent. I dont actually mind the grayish background honestly, I am not going to settle with these and just never try again, I am going to re-do a number of times, I really enjoyed shooting in the lightbox, kinda like my own little studio :)

thanks for the advice and tips, keep them coming too. How is the composition on them? interesting at all?
I would say watch your crops. The butterfly knife and the cell phone are a little close to the edge for my liking.
4 and 5 your talking?

I tried doing some of what we were taught in class, about using the camera like a knife blah blah blah cut the image with the camera, dont show the whole thing and all that stuff. lol Everyone on here has been super helpful with all the pictures I have put up, I like and respect everyone's opinion. I am learning so much already!

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