First try at Osprey in flight


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Jul 28, 2013
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Outside Peterborough, Ontario Canada
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The Ospreys were out soaring and calling back and forth over the house today. Six in total. I'm thinking some flight training for the young :) This was my first attempt at some in flight shots. I know they are not very good, I was rushed and kept loosing my balance shooting almost straight up. I was just happy to get some in frame at a decently fast shutter speed. Hopefully I can have more time and be better prepared next time.

Osprey in Flight 03 20130804 by Woody Woodsman, on Flickr

Osprey in Flight 01 20130804 by Woody Woodsman, on Flickr

Osprey in Flight 02 20130804 by Woody Woodsman, on Flickr
These are really not that bad for a first attempt. You managed to get some detail in the underside of the wings - something that is not always possible when shooting birds against a blue sky.

Really nice, with a bit of cropping they would be great
Way better than MY first attempts at Osprey! I think the first Osprey I got pictures of, I had to explain that they even WERE Osprey because they were such tiny little specks. :lmao:

With six around to practice on, and doing this well on a first go, you'll be getting coastalconn-quality shots in no time!
Yep better then mine, at least your shots they have feathers mine look like they where plucked and running naked.:lmao:
Nice, but resolution on the low side though. Heavy cropping?

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