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Loch of the Lowes


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Oct 18, 2011
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Glasgow, Scotland
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Not picked up my camera in a wee while, due to me spending a lot of my free time fishing or shooting, but for ages I have been wanting to get out and see some ospreys. After one failed attempt last year we heard they had a breeding pair at Loch of the Lowes so made the trip up a couple of weekends ago.

The ospreys were mostly sitting on their nest, but the female made a short flight out and I managed to fire off a couple of shots. Weather was very changeable too.

I'm a bit rusty and it shows, my shutter speed was too slow, but live and learn I guess. These are almost passable though not quite up to par.

The hides were great though and really good views of the nest, saw a mute swan, some nesting grebes, some acrobactic black headed gulls and some swallows on the loch that kept me busy.

Hopefully will make another trip or two up later this year.

Osprey 1 by wee_pete, on Flickr

Osprey 3 by wee_pete, on Flickr
Very nice, not sure what aperture you were using, but some bokeh would make the bird stand out.

Very nice capture.
Pretty birds.

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