First try with Milky Way and stars C&C


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Apr 18, 2013
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First try, let me know what you think?


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Nice pics! What time were these taken? Is the light near the horizon light pollution or sunlight after dusk? Whatever the light is it is likely preventing you from using settings that will make the stars/milkyway brighter and more brilliant.... A dark dark sky far from any city and any light pollution will give you the best results with the milky way. Again, I do like the pics as they are but please share your settings for the pictures and maybe someone can chime in on what you can do to make the milky way turn out even better. .
Thanks! It is light pollution and they were taken around midnight. There is a town near by, I wasn't sure if I could even photograph it in Arkansas, but figured out you can. I know I need darker skies, but they are hard to come by in around central Arkansas. I am planning to get up around the Buffalo National River soon and get some better ones. Setting were ISO 3200. 20 seconds, at f3.5, 18mm.

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