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Dec 24, 2010
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When I up the contrast it looks too "cold"- makes her skin look blotchy. Ideas? (I'e played with curves, levels, color saturation, exposure, brightness, and blacks in LR and PS- I want to maintain the soft/dreamy/subtle aspect of it but think it still needs to have a little more pop. I like that it's almost a "hint" of toes, if that makes any sense.) I'm sure I'm just one big contradiction. ;)


ETA- another version/edit for comparrison. I like #2 better, but not sure what else it needs?



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Do a curves layer to get the blacks where you want, go to Layer- Layer Mask- Reveal all
Select mask, go to paint bucket and fill it in with Black
then use a soft white paint brush to paint in where you want the detail/ contrast.

I don't know how familiar you are with masks, so to be clear, you only select the mask in the layers pane, then you paint bucket and brush directly on the image (but its really on the mask.) You'll know its on the mask because when you paint bucket it, it'll go back like it was before you edited it even though the layer is visible.
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Thank you. :)
I am familiar with layer masks but not proficient in them. (meaning they aren't my first "go to" but I do have several actions that use them that I use frequently). I tried again, and do like the contrast but not the overall darkness (the mask layer was filled black and I only painted over the toes with a soft white brush set at about 20% opacity until I had it where I liked it). I want to keep a dreamy feel to it all, a lightness. I want the toes to be visible, but not bold, if that makes any sense. I can see in my head what I want, but when I get it to the lightness I want then it looks all grayscale to me, despite my attemtps.
I think it needs more blacks, otherwise it just looks too muddy. It doesn't give anywhere for the eye to go to.
I played-

Obviously you have a vision in mind though, so just keep working on it until you find it :D

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