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Jul 25, 2014
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NW Florida
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Another IR in the Car and Truck graveyard in Crawfordville, FL. This is a wide angle shot using a 720 Nano Hoya filter. I used both Silver Efex Pro 2 in conjunction with the new fill features in ACR and I’m pretty sure I used most of them. The test was to see if I could affect the behavior of the contrast from the shot via orange, red or yellow filters in the presets. In the end, I used the orange preset in the first grouping of dark skin tones. I also used the brush on the three lest side vehicles that were in deep shade to reveal more of their features, as well as on two of the right side vehicles to make them a bit darker. Lastly, I made a whole radial mask of all the vehicles, then inverted the mask to give more depth to the foliage. Back in PS, I utilized several of the TK8 light, dark and mid tone masking options on curves and levels. Forgot to add that in CEP2, I used the Bleached Portrait filter (sparingly) for the ease of a simple vignette.

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