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Chris of Arabia

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Mar 10, 2007
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A small detail shot of a Flame Tree leaf. I gather these are getting rare in their native habitat of (I think) Madagascar, but are in plentiful supply on the compound here in Riyadh.
i cant decide if i like the first row of leaves (bottom right) being out of focus. starting at the top of the picture and working my way down, things seemed to get more and more in focus and then my world was turned upside down when i lost focus again.
You don't really get much option with them, as the leaves form from the little branchlets at roughly 90 deg to one another, so there's always going to be something OOF. I rather like the effect myself.

I could of course have made it all OOF, but that would have been to step onto another's creative patch.
Very nice shot. I like the color, natural patterns and shadows.
Neat. It reminds me of ripples forming in water.

I'm kind of surprised how much people seem to like this image. Though I know the repeating patterns catch the eye (I pushed the shutter button after all), it was always a quick throw away shot when I took it, more as a bit of padding for the course material I've been building up.

I dropped this image into a couple of the flickr groups I occasionally participate in last night - within minutes, other members were over it like a rash - or at least compared to some of my other stuff. So what do I know. Perhaps I should do more disposable imagery...
There is not one chance that LaFoto might like this photo, now is there??? :wink: :wink: :wink:
This is weird. Just got a comment on flickr to say the image above made the Explore page. Took some doing to find out where, but it would seem it made the top 500 for November 16th.


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