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Oct 14, 2007
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I gotta get one this week. Shooting a family indoors Saturday, so this is my excuse for buying myself a Christmas present I guess. I want to get out of using the flip up flash as it gives that little wierd shine to faces.

Recommendations anyone?
it really does look like a diaper HAHA

im stuck on the SB400
whenever I hear Nikon flash stuff...it's the sb600 or the sb800.

For good reason too. The sb400 is like that crummy Canon number...I forget..too many acronyms.

Anyways...it's go no swivel...and is barely off the camera.
Go for the 600
anybody actually ever used gary fongs diaper? It looks like it might work well for quick indoor shots? better than holding my finger in front of the pop up flash. and a bounce head is useless in my house (we have very low ceilings) the flash pointed up just reflects down and masks the faces. But that pop up looks like it might do the trick very nicely. any opinions?
I've ordered an SB-600 and Sto-fen diffuser that will be here tomorrow. It is much more flexible than an SB-400 (which I almost got) and it doesn't cost much more (about 50 bucks I think). Anyway, get the SB-600 and you'll have much more flexibility.

For built in flash, an index card diffuser works really well. Here's some pictures I took using an index card as a diffuser.


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