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Feb 2, 2010
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Milwaukee, Wi
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Now that I have a decent handle on my DSLR, I think I am ready to start working with lighting.

At this point, I am a bit clueless as far as the lighting equipment goes. Clearly a flash is the most common, but I would really like to know more about external flashes, remotes, reflectors, things of that nature.

If you can explain how to shop for a flash, that would be very handy.

I suppose my use for it is very important, portraits are one of the things I would use it for (mostly outdoors), I also love photographing abandoned buildings (typically dark), and sometimes cars and motorcycles. I have little to no interest in studio photography.

I spoke with a fellow photographer about this, and he urged me to go with a vivitar flash, or two, because they are still good quality...they simply do not have the CANON name on them.

Please give me some guidance.
The Canon name really has nothing to do with flash. Besides, you want to be shooting in manual mode not ttl or e ttl or any of those through the lens metering things. So dont be worried about compatibility. Yes a vivitar 285 Hv is a great flash that can be used for pretty much all you need to do with a few modifiers. If not that you definitely want a nikon flash or an Lp160 from lumpro. When it comes to choosing flash, your better off taking recommendations and looking at those only. Theres a lot of crappy flashes that you just don't want. You'd probably also want a light stand and a wescott umbrella to start off as well as some ebay triggers. That'll get you through hell and high water until you begin to shoot in helicopters and want pocket wizards :p.
At this point, I really need to learn how everything works before I even start shopping I guess. I need to determine the items that I will need, what they do, how they work, how they connect etc...

If somebody has a link to a good intro to flashes or something like that...

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