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Dec 8, 2007
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I am starting to do some research for my next purchase, which will be a flash. Does anyone have any advice as to what flash I should get.

I have a Nikon D80, and I am looking for a flash that would work in many different situations.

SB-600 or SB-800 are the best:)
I'm not sure what "Many different situations" means but I just bought a SB-400 to play with and it's my first flash. It's a lot of fun to learn and play with and it's all the flash I need right now. I got it for around $110 on Amazon
SB400 or SB600. If budget is limited, SB400 will do 90% of what SB600 does.
Hi guys, I bought the SB400 and tested it against the pop up flash on the camera and well, didn;t see a difference. I can only say there are 2 posative things to say about it;

1 the SB400 flash head rotates up a bit
2 the SB400 flash head is higher up than the pop up flash so that you don;t get a shadow if you have an 18-200 VR lens for example..

I bought the SB800. I highly recommend that or the SB600

I highly do not recommend the SB400
I have the SB600 myself and, am happy with it. Also remember the SB600 and, 800 work in Commander mode but, Im not sure about SB400 though.
SB400 or SB600. If budget is limited, SB400 will do 90% of what SB600 does.

With all due respect, no it doesn't... not even close.
Thanks for all of the advice. Now I know I should save up a bit more and go for the SB-600 or 800.

Yeah I was told to save up for the best you will possibly need in the future. That way you dont buy a small flash now , then in 6 months realize you really needed the better flash.

So, I just bought myself the sb-800 and a softbox attachment. A really nice flash.


Does anyone know anything about a flash from Sigma? I saw one somewhere on the net and it looked very similar to the SB-600. I'll have to go dig up the name and come back.
There are a few of them like the 530 DG super and the 530 DG ST...
Thanks! That's definitely it. I think I am going to try and dig up some reviews. Does anyone have hands on experience with either the EF-500 or EF-530?

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