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Oct 15, 2008
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Whew it's been a long while since I posted here.
How are you all, doing well I hope?

I've recently started to use my flashes a lot, your opinions/criticisms on these shots would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks guys.

Samreap I just noticed you're from melbourne, I am too :)
Wantirna here actually.

Was just thinking if you ever need someone to go on a shoot with you, give me a yell.
I have about zero people I can relate to with photography, so it would be refreshing.

Sorry if that freaked you out, stranger danger and all :p

Also in your posts, you seem to lack self esteem. I'm sure your photos are great man, but better humble than prideful anyday. Also I'm sure you're not ugly as sin :)
That 3rd image looks like it could be from a Samsung ad. Nice work.
#1 is kinda dark, i like #2 though.. what is the lighting set up?? looks like one on the right low and one on the left high??

i would like #3 if the whole thing was in focus..
Well you can't use the last image for micro stock photography unless you remove the logo, but you did a very nice job in making the whites white. Try some rimlight on your subjects too.
The first two images look similar to the shots found here. Is that where you got the inspiration from?
what was your set up? good job. i like the look.
#3 puts the word samsung in the spotlight while the device itself becomes secondary, if that's your intent then nice job. As a product shot the image is not very useful, the device should all be in focus.
thanks derek, my setup was just one snoot camera left for face, and one camera right for torso on #2, and on #1 the right flash was w/ softbox.

Samanax, I'm flattered that you saw the similarities, and yeah I just wanted to try it out because I'd never thought of using snoots directly.

Patrice you're right, I don't really know what my aim was for that photo :p.
I guess i was just trying to make it look clean, nothing more.
I like the light in #2. How are you triggering your flashes?
I don't think #3 works. It's nicely lit but the angle directs the eye into the out of focus portion of the image. That is counter intuitive.

I've done similar work with my phone as experiments but the angle was much lower and the in focus area more central, I think that works better.

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