Flashed my car in the daytime. Thoughts appreciated?


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Sep 3, 2013
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Appleton, WI
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Got a Q flash. Won't have an opportunity to test it out tonight, but had seen some shots taken during the day that were strobed. Thought I would try my hand at this, seeing as it was daytime and I have a Q flash. It's three shots-two car and one background. Thoughts? Impressions? Complaints? Votes to ban me? lol

IMG_6483_PS2 by Michael Long, on Flickr
1)q-flash? "Holy Guide Number, Batman!"

2)you exposed yourself in broad daylight? OMG -- that can cause blindness!

3)on phone. Cant tell squat.
Yeah, I did flash myself by accident while testing... Ow. That burned. That sucker's BRIGHT.

I did some minor reworking to it.

Focus Pocus by Michael Long, on Flickr
Similar. I shot the same scene three times-once without flash, once lighting the rear of the car, and once lighting the side of the car. In the two flash shots, I cut the car out and removed the background, leaving just the car in each layer. I left the shots of the car over the car in the shot without flash, varied the opacity, made a few other changes and some minor touch ups, and bam, done. The worst part was cutting the car out, and that's not that hard.

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