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Flashes and Flash Triggers


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Dec 5, 2012
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Need your recommendation on what flashes and triggers to get for my Nikon cameras.
I want one trigger to control all the flashes.
I shot 2 weddings with a guy who owns a Canon 6D and he has a Canon trigger that control all his flashes without receiver on them and that made me think.

So I know there is the Nikon SU-800 but that's infra-red which is useless outside so I need a radio trigger.
Most important is I want TTL capabilities, I already have 4 radio triggers that I can control flashes in manual but its a pain so I want one trigger to control all flashes.

If I need to get certain brand of flashes and trigger I am fine with that.
Canon jumped on the Radio trigger bandwagon with their flashes with the 600EX-RT which has the radio trigger built INTO the flash.

Still waiting for Nikon to integrate it ...

The SU-800 wasn't bad even outside for things in close distance, and as long as they were insight. But I only tested that and never had to do a shoot with it. I've since gone with the Yongnuo 622TX which controls 3 channels / 3 groups with flashes on top of a 622N trigger. Reliable (so far) and low cost. Runs on 2x AA batteries.

Of course there is always PocketWizard
Your d750 has cls system. Read about this and see if its "enough" for your needs before spending loads. The yongnuo mentioned above seems good. I don't know to much about its compatability but as fara s I know it can work non-ttl yn560 version 3 flashes as well as models such as the ttl yn568ex. It opens up a lot of options for small money in comparison to the sb910 for example
Thanks guys, I spent a chunk of the day yesterday looking into this issue and while I really wanted one trigger controlling flashes without each flash mounted on receiver I see with Nikon this is impossible (when I want radio transmitter) so I have decided to work with the 622N-TX and 622N, sounds like what I need, its a little more work then I wanted as I will need to work with sender and receivers but this will mean I will have TTL with my current flashes so I will not have to buy more flashes and these Yongnuo are really reasonably priced so its the best I can hope for.
neewer VK750II i-ttl speed lights are great, in a good number of reviews they get compared to being just as good as the high end nikon flashes but they are not expensive. i have 2 of them and i really like them.
There's no way around a receiver at each flash outside of CLS. Canon does it by building the receiver into the flash.

I've used CLS outdoors and found it usable even in daylight, although limited in range. "Hiding" a flash unit behind the subject for rim lighting is problematic because of line-of-sight. I've gotten around it by having an assistant hold my silvered reflector to the side, out of frame, and the flash "sees" my master flash in the reflector. Putting a flash inside a modifier is still an issue, though.
If you want I-TTL controllers/triggers have a look at the Yongnuo YN-622N and corresponding receivers. Radio triggers will always have the edge over optical triggers, allowing you to place flashes out of the line of site if need be. These are at the lower end of the price range and are pretty decent for the money. I know. A couple of photographers who own them.

If you have money to spend on high quality ones then have a look at Phottix Odin. The controller looks better ergonomically. I've used Phottix gear in the past and never had a problem with it. I only sold them so I could use Interfit Titan Pro triggers (They were rebranded Phottix Atlas) which operated on the Pocketwizard frequency and allowed me to fire the strobes with my Sekonic L-758DR light meter.

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