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Apr 5, 2010
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Hi all,




I think the edit is oversaturated and I didn't care about cropping, maybe I should have. However, it is quite close to what I wanted to achieve with the pic, namely bringing out the great colours of the fruit and how beautiful it appeared in the great warm afternoon sunlight we had here yesterday.

I am also happy because this is the first shot where I used flash against backlighting.

C&C welcome.
For me the hot spot is grabbing too much attention, whether you get the flash working or not. I think the colours actually reads better in the unedited pic. The colours are probably more accurate in the second pic, but it looks washed out. Perhaps taking the flash off camera rather than firing directly into the sun might be worth a try.

I usually use a flash with strong backlighting when I want to balance what I see in the background with my main subject that is in shadow. In this case I think you lose out on how the sun makes leaves kind of glow and seem almost translucent.

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