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Dec 31, 2009
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WI, U.S.
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I just recieved my Flashpoint Gimble in the mail. The female part of the screw that attaches to the male screw on the tripod is too big. Are there different sizes to the screws in tripods? I guess i never thought about it when I ordered.

Was going to Rib Mountain this weekend and I was hopeing to lug around the 400.
Is that going to be sticking out too far?
The link was basically to show the 2 standard size threads, not necessarily to show a solution to your situation.

You don't say what tripod you have.

My Giottos tripods have both sizes, I just have to unscrew and flip the male screw to the larger size.
I figured it out.. I went to ace and got a coupling and a 2 inch screw with a little piece of pvc. Cut the screw to proper length and use the piece of pvc as an outside stabilizer
But anyways, I got it done and it seems to support the old 400mm 2.8 pretty well. Havn't noticed any sagging or anything seems to move nicely. Going to put it to the test this weekend tho. Thanks for the help kmh

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