Flea Market findings


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Oct 1, 2005
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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We went to (another) flea market last weekend and I found some cool hardware :)

1 Voigtländer Vitomatic II CS

It has an f2.8/50mm lens. The woman had no idea what she was selling and I got it for 10 euros. The leather bag has some minor wear but not very much. The camera itself is in near mint condition. It looks like it was hardly ever used :)


2 Rollei B35

It is not mint but it is not bad either. It has a few minor dents at 2 of the corners and it could do with some new leather some time in the future. But it seems to be working and hey, it's my first Rollei!

It is the "made in Singapore" version with a Carl Zeiss 3,5/40mm lens. It has a Bower 24mm UV filter that looks clean and it came with an undamaged lens hood.

The light meter is still working but I have to check how accurate it is. The flash (Rollei 100XL) works perfectly fine. Funny detail, the flash is supposed to be attached at the bottom of the camera, upsidedown.

The lens seemed to be loose, that's how I got it for 15 euros instead of the 50 the seller asked at first. I fixed that when I came home so it turned out a real bargain.


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