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Nov 28, 2011
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I've been finding it very hard to get my butt out for a walk lately since we lost my faithful sidekick a few weeks back. Today I went for my first walk without her, it was hard to do but good. I challenged myself to shoot the flowers while I was out, I often avoid them because I hate hitting the "document" photo mark and often get rid of entire sets.
This is what I came up with, would love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for taking a look.

Sorry about your loss that's tough. Your flowers are impressive. I love them all! Were they taken in manual mode?
No 1 & 2 do not really work for me because the background is too busy for such delicate little flowers.
No 4 - I love this, the flower has a leg but stll is almost floating in the air, nice visual trick
No 3 is good as well, very nice, probably the best here
Thank you both for your thoughts.

Amylyn, yes in manual but can't remember off the top of my head what my settings are but they will be on Flickr (I'd grab them but I'm on the iPod).
#4 is lovely...the way the main flower is set in that tiny pool of light, and the small shadows cast, plus the way everything else is sublimated...very nice!
Nice set, I like what you've done.
Thanks Derrel and Ryan :)
The light was really good that day as it brings out the texture of the pedals. Interesting bokeh in #2, it makes the shot for me. Nice texture in #3. Sorry for your loss.
Thanks Greybeard, I agree about the bokeh in the 2nd one, this is a mess of flowers, reeds and grass gone to seed beside the pond, I really liked the bokeh the grass gave and wanted to pair it with something simple, I got some of just the grass that I may post later :)

The light was great in that it was cloudy with sunny breaks so I had a lot of variety to play with, the last one was taken just as the sun was starting to hide.
I think they are beautiful, you captured a depth to these flowers in a special way. Like the tone, and colors.
I'm also sorry for your loss.
Thanks Esselle :)
That last one is great. :)
It really inspires me to work on my black&white skills!
Love # 1, 3 and 4, and it is really hard to decide if I prefer 3 or 4, usually I don't like flowers in black and white but in you shot you captured and upward movement like if we would see the flower actually growing, the effect is really nice.
Thanks so much Fawn and MiFleur :)

I really enjoy finding the right flower and conditions for a black and white flower shot, I think it brings out the beauty of the lines and subtleties that often get overpowered by colour.

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