Fly free, little flashes!

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by iolair, Dec 12, 2009.

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    My CTR-301P wireless flash triggers arrived today (from Hong Kong/eBay). *Very* cheap, too (especially if you compare them to PocketWizard).

    Had a quick test - I just had to turn them on and attach to my camera and flash, and was instantly working with no problems. I haven't tried long range, but at opposite ends of a large room, they didn't miss a shot. The receiver screws straight onto a standard tripod (as I don't have dedicated light stands).

    I'm looking forward to experimenting - especially as they're so easy to carry out and about. With the new triggers, my flashes have now taken the place in my camera bag taken up by my additional lenses before (my 50mm almost never comes off the camera anyway).

    I'm thinking myself up a "Top 10 things to try with wireless flash" to keep busy :)

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    Congratulations! Especially for just doing fun little things to do those will be awesome! I'm thinking of picking up some cyber syncs because those pocket wizards will drive you broke. But i might just pick up the cactus ones just to play around. Have fun!

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