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Aug 12, 2013
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As the title states I'm the new guy on the block so go easy :) extremely new to photography but I have always enjoyed taking pictures. Always looking to improve though so anything I post is always up for C&C

Anyways heres the link to my Flickr site


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You have a few to work with, not bad in my opinion. Study up on composition and keep shooting. You will get better with practice.
Which ones are the ones your liking Steve? So I can know what's working, what isn't.

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The kids in the fountain are good shots, the B&W tree tunnel is nice. I am partial to bugs and flower shots, but the lack of composition kinda kills them for me. Look up the rule of thirds to better your composition, its good place to start..

This is a class that will get you going, there is a lot there but start reading and a lot of the advice you get will make more sense in the future.
Photo Class | Mountain Adventure Photography

In the future, post a couple pictures to the site, you will get more of a response if people don't have to click on a link. Maybe put your flickr link in the signature area like I have so people can check them out if they want.
<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/98547048@N05/9316114299/" title="DSC01377 by sdguy55, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7303/9316114299_eb681a2bec.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="DSC01377"></a>

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Ok finally got it!










This one is actually my favorite out of all of them. I dont have photo editing software but i wish i did so i could edit out the butt right there.











This one i think would look cooler if it were zoomed in more and cropped a little bit. Thoughts?

Hey there - happy to see you posting some of your work! :)

A tip: there are so many images here, it makes it difficult for anyone to give comments. The general "rule of thumb" around here is to pick just one or two that match a particular Gallery description and just post a couple at a time. You will get much more meaningful responses that way. I see flowers, people shots, landscape - break it up for us, you know? :)

Keep posting - I can see you have a good grasp of composition already. :thumbup:
I kind of wondered about that when I was posting all my replies. I will for sure break them up and see if I can get some more critiques. Thank you for the tip.

Any of the pictures stand out to you at all?

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I agree with you about cropping out the left side of that "water fight" shot, if you can. I'd like to see larger files of the landscape ones...they look intriguing, but are kind of smallish to really comment on. :)
I like some of the fountain and tunnel shots. Pigeons do nothing to me and as Stevepwns said, the lack of composition on your flower shots hurts them a lot. Flower photography is hard to do in full sunlight as the colors and detail get washed out some or you get blown highlights. For something like flowers, perspective is the key as well as lighting. Cloudy day or shade (even make your own... I often use my reflector to shade a shot or even my own body to create some shade) are the conditions to take pictures of flowers. The other thing that can help is to get down on their level! Before you press your shutter, look at all of the angles of the flower and decide which is most interesting and THEN compose your shot. That will help you immensely even if you do look like some weird flower sniffer! Keep at it and in just a few months you'll be shocked at your improvement.

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