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Aug 28, 2010
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Beirut, lebanon
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hey i never went to photography school but i work out of expirience

well somtimes i have a wedding to photograph and people start dancing around at the dinner after, i go and take pic from a higer level as from standin on a chair and so,and i focus on the maried couple lower my aperture and take the shot,and imediatly turn my hand wich is holdin the cam about 90 deg so i get the couple in d middle with a very very nice blur around wich gives the pic lots of life ,my clients adore it.

so since i got these photos out of experimenting i would like to know more about if there are actual technics around the subject, i will get some pics posted maybe 2mrw or after so u would see what am talking about

apreciate any help around the subject
i am not sure what your saying, but it sounds something like panning. you might try to google that term and see if it is something similar
wow ! hehe that was nice thats the 1 panning, but i read its photographing moving subjects well i get the effect the same thing the subject aint blur but all arout is

but its not moving subjects its actualy me moving the camera around i would realy hope u can c this post tomorow so i can show u some pics i took,

but its also panning isnt it ? if i am moving the camera around
am pretty sure it revovles around the same thing

i realy appreciate that THANKS !!!
I think what you're talking about is dragging the shutter. The flash will freeze the subject, and yet the long shutter speed will bring in the motion blur from the surrounding area.

Other than that if the subject is moving the same direction as you're moving the camera, they will be clear and the rest of the frame will be blurry. This is called panning.
i have seen this done with wedding dancers and they were just using a slow shutter speed with flash as garbz has talked about.
Ive done this before but without flash. I will give it a shot with flash.
Ive done this before but without flash. I will give it a shot with flash.

All blur then, because thats what you get with slow shutter/subject movement. H

Not if you hold it pretty still and let it sit for a little longer when you just open your shutter, then turn. Same principle like zoom smear. Of course I am talking about still subject. So I want to give this a try on people with flash. Thanks!
I can't see elie1's photo because they have given a link to their own hard drive but from the original post it looks as though the blur is produced by either changing the focus or the zoom setting on the lens rather than panning.

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