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Live and Semi-Live Dance Videos


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Oct 21, 2016
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As photographic people, I think there are things happening that some of us might get involved in, and I thought I would bring this to your attention.

Over the last few years (going back to at least 2020) there has been a trend to promote songs with combinations of high-production-value music videos combined with low-production-value "live" or "semi-live" performance videos. These latter are not an after-thought but are often released simultaneously with or in some rare instances in advance of a recording release.

Recently, something new has been happening. In fact, I watched it happen and was not really sure what kind of impact it was going to have, but I think it might have some kind of future. So far, it has begun with a single "semi-live dance cover" video by the K-Pop group "Itzy". What is unique about this is that the cover was a larger project that just a single individual member of the group, and that the song was not a part of its repertoire, and in fact, the work of a completely unrelated artist. I do not think they expected this to become part of their regular show, but it looks like this is happening. Beyond this video, I do not know where it will go. "Itzy" is a unique group -- I will not bother going into why, but so far, no similar group has followed it up.

"[MIX & MAX] 'Break My Heart Myself' covered by ITZY YEJI & RYUJIN (예지 & 류진) (4K)",
posted Jun 11, 2022 by "STUDIO CHOOM [스튜디오 춤]", [length 2:44]

So where is this going that is so impressive? Pretty much everywhere. I do not have any good stats, but I have seen versions from around the world, and it started within days of its posting, and a couple of months later, there are still new versions -- almost daily. Here is a sample.

"[KPOP IN PUBLIC NYC] MIX & MAX 'Break My Heart Myself' | ITZY YEJI & RYUJIN (예지 & 류진) | Dance Cover",
posted Jun 21, 2022 by "Euphoria Dance Team", [length 2:55]

If you get involved with something like this it will likely be outdoors like this cover -- well, cover of the cover. :)

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