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Apr 29, 2010
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I have a D3000 and I'm so confused.
I read my manual
I have read this Nikon D3000 Autofocus Settings
and I still and having a hard time getting what I want the camera to focus on IN focus.

I have the focus mode to AF-A
Focus mode area to 3-d
auto focus assist is on.

and yet I still get photos like this (I had the block ON her eyes and it so did NOT focus on her eyes!


actually focused on her belly, however I blured the picture to make it look like her face was the MOST in focus....

Any pointers?
I believe you want AF-S. Center focus spot and recompose or choose the focus spot that is closest to your final composition.
so when you guys say focus on the eyes and recompose you mean to focus the center on the eyes, keep holding the button down, move the camera until it moves the block over the center?
I am so confused about focus and recompose?
use single point on the focus point area. Set it to AF-S so the focus wont change when you recompose (while pressing the button halfway). If you use AF-A, when you move the middle point somewhere else, it will automatically refocus.
I use the back button to focus with my thumb once it has focused no need to hold it unless i and tracking a subject, then i just frame it how i want
oh my goodness!
All this time I've been moving the block around to get where I want in focus.
I never understood what recompose meant? I swear to all that is good....
I learn so much from my mistakes! I love it! Thank you guys so much too!
Ok, I feel like an idiot. I still don't get focus and recompose.
but when if I let go of the shutter button, the focus goes away?

I still don't really get it. I'm going to practice tonight on another beautiful preggo lady!
Ok, I feel like an idiot. I still don't get focus and recompose.

If the center spot is the active focus point in the viewfinder, then you would put the focus point over her eye and press 1/2 way down on the shutter. That may not be were you want her head in the frame, so you recompose - still depressing the shutter half way which locks focus - and aim in such a way that the subject is no longer in the center of the frame.

If you are working with a shallow depth of field, you may want to select an active focus point that is closer to how you want to compose your shot so you do not need to move so much.

Works great for stationary/slow moving objects (like pregnant women), but the kids may need AF-C when they start running around.
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Are you reading the complete users manual on the white disc?

Page 47 describes Focus Lock and Recompose. Page 135 explains how to set the focus function to the back button (AE-L/AF-L, AF-On) .

Take it out of 3-D.
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I have the focus block in the center. I want her eyes in focus. I would focus on her eyes (the camera goes beep, green light, whatever to let me know it is in focus) then I move the camera down so that her belly is in the shot?? This would then make the center block on her belly and not on her face but the camera knows that is where I want my focus???

Before I was just moving the block to her eyes and shooting. Getting her all in the shot, moving the block and then shooting.
hum no I am reading the complete book it came with.

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