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Davey John

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May 21, 2006
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Washington State
Hi all, I have a Nikomat FT that has a dirty focusing screen. I cleaned the smudge with Windex, and now this area is clean. The rest of screen is frosty looking. My question, was the original screen suppose to have frosty look? Thanks, John.
Yep, the screen is supposed to be frosty. The clear centre area is to aid the split image or fresnel (crosshatch) focusing.

So you can stop rubbing now :lol:

Davey John said:
Thanks, I need to learn to leave things alone. John.

Sounds similar to the K screen for the F3..frosty with split-level.
I cleaned mine with a soft cloth and rubbed-off some of the frostyness.

I looked on searched on google for yor camera.. interesting, I wasn't aware of that model - looks nice. What lens(es)/ film do you use ? Like using it ? Take good pictures ?
2framesbelowzero, I received this camera from my wife's uncle this year. He bought it in 1969 or 70 not sure which. It has 50mm Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-s and 28mm Nikkor lens.(try to say that three time fast) The exposure meter seems to be right on, I use 100 and 200 speed film. I use the camera mostly for astro pictures as it needs no battery. The camera is heavy as a brick, but fun to use. John.

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