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    I can't find Canon "crop lines" series focusing screens for the EOS x0D range. I have, however, found a company called Katz Eye Optics which will produce focusing screens with any pattern you want on them and for just about any camera. They sound great, including a more traditional prism for manual focus. Does anyone have experience or knowledge of this company or another recommendation? Also, they have a special coating which will apparently enhance the brightness of the viewfinder in the matte area, which they call Opti-Bright. Does anyone have experience specifically with this treatment?

    Here's a link to their 40/50D screen

    Canon 40D 50D Focusing Screen - Katz Eye Optics

    Edit: I found a link on their site laying out the pros and cons of the Opti-Bright treatment:

    I did find Garbz's review here
    The search on this site is really bad with the 30-second wait...

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    Garbz has one - he'll be here shortly. ;)

    By all reports - they sound pretty good though.

    If you search this forum -you might be able to find the review he wrote on them. The search function can be hard to use sometimes though...
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