Folly Sunset


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May 25, 2012
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I was at the beach trying to get some long exposure shots of waves. As the sun was setting, I noticed a beautiful sky behind me. I scrambled as quickly as I could to get into position and get this shot. Any comments or critiques are appreciated.


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    folly sunset 1 web.jpg
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This is beautiful. I think I have to nominate it for POTM!
I think that over-all it's a very lovely scene, particularly the colors, however I don't like the way the wood there (fence?) splits the image right down the middle. Personally I think I would have followed the rule of thirds here and had that wood rail (whatever it is) off to the left side of the image. As is, I might even try to crop it down just a bit...take a bit off the left and a little off the top of the sky and see how that works.

Just my own opinion...please use it as such.
Thanks for the nomination, squarepeg.

Thanks for the feedback, Jim.

Yes, Folly Beach. I also re-edited the image based on some feedback I've received.


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    folly sunset 3 web.jpg
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