Food Photography.. because the subject doesnt talk!


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Sep 7, 2010
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and you need not to talk it!! haha.. ive found a new love of shooting inanimate objects .. no need to talk to anyone or explain what "smile with your eyes" means :p

let me know what you guys think of this shot.. it was shot for obviously.. sweet carolines bakery.. - Eric Chiarito

suggestions or questions ... please feel free!
I've always enjoyed food photography. I've always enjoyed cooking too. So whenever I make something pretty, I grab my camera. I like the shot.
thanks for the compliment :)

i do the same thing when i cook although i dont have the ... artistic flare i guess when it comes to the food preparation to make it look fancy.. i can cook just fine.. but.. i cant make it photo friendly lol
Light and focus are great, just a tad bit too much tilt for my taste
i hear yah.. ive been trying to break that habit.. you'll see it a lot in my work.
I wouldn't break the habit on the advice of some forum poster, its well lit, I like the angle and its suits the purpose described on the tin, good work. H
appreciated it harry! however ive been noticing it a lot in my work.. if you look at my book you'll see a lot of shots at that similar angle .. dont want things to look too similar is all :)
Well, technically and composition wise I like this a lot, but somehow it doesn't make me want to taste the food. Maybe it's too clean, I don't know.
no...that angle serves that food the best...much better composition than anything else that could have been done...
appreciate it drex!

kkjun i hear yah.. thus is my current struggle.. making the food almost leave a taste in the viewers mouth :p

i think for this photo your right though.. it is rather clean.. felt it served the subject well.. but perhaps there could have been a bit more saturation in the color of the food.. i forget what that pastry is called.. some italian thing.. absolutely delicious whatever its call :)
I really like eating food. That's why I really like to shot food in different ways and style. Thanks for the great post
I like the shot first off. I think it is really close to singing.

I would reduce and simplify the shot a little. There is too much going on, especially with the type treatment (thin letters)--it looks really busy and slightly unfocused (not literally but conceptually). The idea of the advertisement almost runs opposite: a place to relax and indulge in some gastronomic pleasures. In other words 'calm' 'relax' 'enjoy' etc.

I would lose the fork and knife. They just busy the image unnecessarily. I would retouch the subtle wrinkles on the table linen. You want to make the image as clean and simple as possible imo. I like the use of white throughout the image and think it really works nice. Back lighting produces the perfect lighting. I like the splash of color from the flowers or plant, but it looks a tad weird from processing.

If I were designing the flyer or ad, I would perhaps switch the roles of the photograph and the type. I think the type should be the 'star' of the image and the photograph should be secondary. Right now the type is small and because of the typeface they are using, is kind of hard to read. It would make more sense to me to make the word mark and type larger and create photography around it like you have, but just reduce and simplify it a little.

Again I like the photo, I'm just giving you my 2 cent crit.
really excellent advice kkamin! really appreciate it! i wasnt thrilled with the placement of the copy either.. the shot was setup to have copy in it which is why i left a space at the top right ... but now that you've pointed out a interesting idea .. i can see now what has bothered me about it..

it just kinda gets blended into the photo too much... i agree.. i should be bolder and make more of an impact.

excellent suggestions if i have some time i'll play around with it some more!

thanks again for your 2 cents :)

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