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Nov 25, 2007
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Playoffs are here, Superbowl is right around the corner...

who are you cheering for?
and who do you want to see play in the superbowl

I'm cheering for the cowboys!

cowboys vs. whoever...

I know the cowboys have a slim chance due to new england but hey! you can dream sometimes..
I just noticed the thread title...

I cant spell football haha....oh well
Cowboys and Green Bay are both NFC teams, they can't meet in the Super Bowl.
Would be nice to see the Cowboys in the Superbowl...

All I care about right now is OSU kicking ass on Monday.
Ideally, I'd like to see the Colts...but I dono...

I'd like to see Colts vs. Green Bay.

The likelihood of that happening is pretty slim. The Patriots are pretty awesome this year.
I am a fan of The Greatest Sports Franchise Known to Man- The Dallas Cowboys.

The Redskins just lost, so that is great news.

I would love to see a Cowboys / Colts Super Bowl.

The only way that will happen is if the Colts knock off the evil New England Patriots.
Arsenal are at Burnley today at 2pm. It's on BBC1.

Lots of debate over here because of our keeper Jens Lehmann, who is with Arsenal at the moment. Do people in the UK talk about it at all?
lol I saw that commin a block away......You Europeans are way too literal in the naming of your games.

well, this thread is about football, isn't it. :mrgreen:
We bought him from Dortmund years ago and now and then Wenger drops him. Either to rest him or because he's off form. That's when the press start saying he's going to leave. Apparently he's in contat with Dortmund now? I'm an Arsenal boy but football is increasing boring me.

I've never made my mind up about him. He can be very good but makes silly mistakes too often. And whinging when you're not in the team and the other keeper is playing well isn't right. But we'll never know how much the press make up.
true, and UK press is never really friendly when it comes to Germans ;)

Well, part of the complaining is just because he is our national keeper, and if he does not play enough matches, that might be in danger.
If he were good enough and didn't make mistakes he'd be playing at club level!

He always slagged off Kahn and said he was better. He wasn't.

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