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for all of you


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Feb 4, 2017
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there is and there will always be a sunrise waiting for us a hug to everyone

Lovely. And thank you!
Amen brother
Very nice pic, good job.
Not recent news, they (the science and medical community) have known this for a long time that sunlight and fresh air are better for your health during a pandemic than being indoors where air doesn't circulate and your chances of breathing in any virus particles are much greater. You have less chance of breathing in a virus out in open air because it disperses more rapidly. The Pandemic of 1918 is irrefutable proof of this, it's been documented and easy to find on the web.
Thanks for the hug, right back at ya! Be well, all.
There are lots of people I need to hug once we are out of lockdown.........Nice shot...

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