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    I am selling a Canon 100-DG camera bag for $55 to $60 plus shipping (shipping will be $4 to $18 depending on the shipping weight and shipping location). I purchased it new in August 2006 and used it when I went to a military graduation. After that, it has been sitting in my room until my sister's graduation on May 24. And since May 24, it has sitting in my room in the same spot. So it's basically new. Private message me if you are interested. I accept PayPal and money orders.

    Here is the product description:

    Designed especially for digital SLRs, this bag can hold your cameras, lenses, accessories an even a laptop computer. With a durable, water repellent nylon exterior, padded dividers and easy access storage pockets, all of your sensitivephoto gear can be transported easily and safely. Also included is the Custom Media Case 10DG which neatly organizes all your CF Cards, an 2 CDs. Color-coded pockets help keep blank and full CF cards separate

    Capacity: 1-2 SLR Cameras, Plus 2-3 lenses, and 1 laptop computer.



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