For those of you who hate vignetting..


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Nov 23, 2007
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Your gonna cringe seeing this. I went pretty heavy on it but i like it. I shot these in new york with my nikon s200, this was before i got my 350d. I did a little post work in photoshop. I would love comments. Shot the first one while sitting in traffic going to JFK airport, and shot the second while walking in the streets of Manhattan..Too bad we were moving to fast to plan it out better.
1. Varanzano Narrows bridge


2. I don't have a name for this one...Not all photos need a name.



This last on is REALLY dark because i was experimenting with channels in the post work..In all my years of graphics i never really learned to use them properly so i decided i should try and work with them more.

I'd appriciate any and all cnc. Thanks :)
I like what you are trying to do with the first... but the way the vignette was added bothers me... It looks off and fake.

First, I think it is a bit too much... too drastic.
Second, Vignette doesn't "frame" a rectangular photo.
You think i should just do the vignetting on the corners to make the first better? Second one i will cut down on a lot. But before i do that any other comments?
You think i should just do the vignetting on the corners to make the first better?

Yes.. it can be noticeable BUT NOT distracting. It is just too obvious that it was introduced via photoshop. remember.. the image projected by the lens is circular even though the medium capturing the image has corners.
Alright i went out to shoot in St.Paul today so i found it hard to finally make myself sit down and fix these photos but i did it. I would appriciate any further input, as well as if i didn't fix them enough.

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