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Forgotten Ford Pick up C&C welcomed

Not much to critique, I really like them both. Background adds to the photo, interesting subject, no blown highlights, etc.

The only issue I see is the light is a bit harsh. Somewhat harsh seems appropriate for the subject matter, but maybe a light fill flash would help. I dunno, maybe not, even.
^^^ Yes. The car has a lot of subtle color which would look much more interesting in more diffuse light. I wouldn't use fill flash unless it was diffused, and even then, shooting on a less sunny day would be better.

Trying to schedule a day that may be overcast up there.
I don't think it necessarily needs to be a cloudy day, you could also try shooting at a different time. Late afternoon could work quite well for the subject.

* Really like composition on #2 btw
Nice :) Wouldn't mind seeing what this looks like in a B&W too. I tend to love throwing B&W conversions on "aged" subjects.
I like the main subject and the angles, but the backgrounds are killing it for me. It’s not that I don’t like the mood set by the locale, it’s the lack of strong separation. In the first photo, those cabins (houses?) are sharp enough and well enough exposed that they almost look like they’re sitting on top of the truck’s roof. This might be just me, but I find that once I notice a “forced perspective” like this in a picture, it’s all I see when I look at it.
I just noticed that the buildings do look like they are sitting on top of the truck. I am still working on a b/w that looks right. Everything I do seems to be "off".
Well I do agree that another time of day would help out a lot. If you DO make it back out there, try some of the other angles... see what you get in color and B&W... you got some good feedback here, and these were some decent shots to start with.. so I think you can come away with some really good ones. :)

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