Four Long Exposure Shots

Only the second photo is loading for me with my slow Internet. So I'll comment on that one! Sharp focus, even on the moon - nicely done. It's also exposed well. The one thing I would change is the distortion on the building. It's a little slanted. And it would be cool to see some stars but it looks like it was a cloudy night.
#1. Canon T3- f/4.5- 20sec.- manual- at 29mm- ISO100
#2. Canon T3- f/3.5- 4sec.- manual- at 18mm- ISO100
#3. Canon T3- f/5- 30sec.- manual- at 39mm- ISO100
#4. Canon T3- f/5- 30sec.- manual- at 42mm- ISO100
I really like the 1st pic. The sky has some detail, not just plain black which is awesome. The curved road, the water, and the strong detail are really nice as well.

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