Four TOTALLY different shots! CC?


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Mar 8, 2013
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I know these are all completely different, but I would like to know your constructive thoughts! :) Thanks!!

The first two are obviously from the same shoot, we had fun just doing weird things running around downtown.

$_DSC0555.jpg $_DSC0558.jpg

The baby, my third newborn shoot ever.

Sorry its kinds weirdly lopsided I was capturing a real kiss not a pose!

First pose looks like she's in an alley trying to sneak a pee.
The baby is adorable, as is the pose. I think it's cropped in too tight, though. It would have been nice to see her right arm, too. Also, the direct sun is a little bit harsh. A diffuser screen would have taken care of this while still allowing some nice soft light on her face.
1 & 2 - I love your model! If I was 40 years younger............ :heart: :lol:

As above, not the best location for her style of dress, she looks like she's dressed for going out for a smart date, should be in, say, a nice hotel lobby or, if you were aiming at contrast, somewhere a lot grungyer.

Shooting upwards at your model is generally not recommended, especially when your model is normally sized rather than a starved waif.

I note in your exif data that you have sharpness set to soft.

Apart from that, you got to run around town, take photos and have some fun doing weird things so that's all good. :D

3 & 4 Hmmmmmmmm... babies, been there, had those, got the wrinkles and the grey hair (or it would be grey if it hadn't fallen out). Nothing to add that hasn't been said above. :)
New here, dont want to step on toes. The first 2 shots, your model is lovely, nice clothes, just the background crowds her with to much clutter. Hey I am no expert, and you have to reach to learn. Being aware of the background can make your subject stand up. Perhaps an even toned red brick lane, with her stopping as if being followed. Gives her reason for being there and expression.Holding the camera vertical would give you more height with her size, which is nice to see. Turning quickly, causing the dress to flare, hand braced on the wall. Standing in a door way, not sure wether to step out. Other photos, as comments above. Keep up the good work.
1 - as said, it looks like she got caught taking care of business in a public place.
2 - the style and background are conflicting. Not sure about the pose, it seems really forced and "modelly"
3 - cute baby photo. Just use lower opacities in whatever program you use to edit.
4 - the "lopsidedness" takes away from it. It's possible to capture candid moments without sacrificing your final image.

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