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Dec 28, 2007
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So let me tell the story behind this picture. Me and my 14 year old son were outside one night, teaching him to take pictures of the night sky with my tripod and he asked me about a recent death in the family. A cousin whom I was close to hang hung himself. It was the first time I had talked about it since it had happened 6 months before.
Later that night, I just placed my camera away without dumping my memory card, imagine my suprise when I found this a few days later. It sent chills up and down my spine. Im rather good with digital effects and playing around in photo editing programs... but I am not this good!!

yes i am aware that it was a "flook" rather than a supernatural contact from the other side, I just thought it was freaky considering the conversation
There is no need to accuse me of anything of the sort. I just thought I would share a photo that I took that came out "weird".
If you were an experienced photographer you would be able to look at the picture and tell it wasnt tampered with. But you are allowed to have your opinion.
I'm not trying to be rude, just saying that I could go outside tonight, find the moon behind the clouds, take my flashlight out, get a LE and draw a noose.

Nothing crazy there.....
Well considering that I didnt do it myself purposely, I thought it was pretty neat
except hany, your missing one thing here. There isnt anything to draw on above the wall with a flashlight. What i think what happened is that the shutter was open en moved the camera during that period. Especially since the starting point is the moon itself.
That is possibly it, I just think it's weird that there is light around the noose on the wall, like it was drawn there.

Could have cloned the line in PS for the sky though hehe
Thank you. I wouldnt insult anyone here with a "fake" photo like that. I have better things to do with my time and everyones here. Thank you Doenoe!
That's just too weird.

Condolences for your loss.
Thanks everyone. I just thought the photo was worth sharing!!
thats pretty crazy.
wonder how the moon did that but nothing else in the pic is blurred.

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