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Jul 19, 2007
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jacksonville, fl
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Ok, so by our shower wall in our bed room we had mold come out of the wall. we told maintence. they came sprayed bleach and said it was from water comming out of the shower. so when the mold came back i bleached it again. well its been bleached so much now the paint it peeling off the wall && today we looked and its spread on the tiles and like 3 ft down the wall & its growing little furry puss pockets!!! && i know its not from the shower cause the other shower dont cause it...

I dont know what to do, but me n ricky have been sick && now im worried its from that...

its so bad i wanna be sick when i look at it! i dont know what to do if the apartment wont do anything. Isnt this really dangerous?

is there a place to call or something?

Im worried :-(
call the ministry of health...or a similar organization in the states.

Seriously...there's something wrong there.
The mold is building up because there is not proper moisture protection in the bathroom, and bleach is not fixing the problem where it started.

Either they fix the whole damn thing completely (which involved redoing the bathroom tile and bedroom call the proper organization and get them to take care of it.
&& isnt that ground to move without fee's if they refuse to fix it. i mean they have to right??

this is what it looks like, am i stressing over too much??
im googling like crazy trying to make sure im not going to keel over lol.



you probably won't die...but you can get really sick from it.
You could sue. I's the can sue for anything...but this is an actual case where if they don't fix have perfect grounds.
Yeah, I would call the Health Department right away. I don't think you're over-reacting, the apartment needs to fix that s**t!

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