Free: Canon Canoscan 8400F flatbed - film scanning faulty.

Don Simon

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Jul 4, 2005
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My Canon started playing up a few weeks back. I called Canon and was told that any repairs would cost at least £100. So I just replaced it, but now I have a semi-faulty (and semi-working) scanner lying around in a box; I don't really want to throw it away if someone could use it as is or make it work. Now the semi-faulty part is the top unit for scanning negatives and slides. It works, but is now incredibly slow. Maybe if you are mechanically minded you could get it working properly again - I'm not, so I couldn't :D ... but on the other hand it's only the top neg scanner that's having problems; the main scanner still works fine, so it will still work as a reasonably high resolution flatbed for prints or other general scanning.

I'm in South-East England, and am fine with a meet-up or collection. Alternatively I could post it if you're willing to pay the postage, but that could be quite a bit considering the weight and size of the scanner.

So, anyone interested in a free scanner?

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