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Friday smile - just a silly mustache pic


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Feb 11, 2013
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Maybe it's just cause he's mine, but this picture puts a smile on my face and I wanted to share.

drew mustach by John Bixler, on Flickr
It's PixelMedic when he was a kid!!!:boogie::biglaugh:
Nah, it's a good and nice shot, lots of charm, good color and sharpness.
Maybe a bit long and a bit short- the 'pano' look doesn't fit, imo.

I think that excess beyond the halloween(?) lets interest drain away. The orange thing isn't important, except as a hint to the setting, and it doesn't lose anything being on the margin.
Cute as hell, maybe a bit oversaturated (sort of orangish) and over sharpened, there seems to be a hint of an aura sround the face.

All in all, really a keeper, IMO.

I agree with @The_Traveler re: the crop. The orange figure in the background is a little bit of a mirror to me for the foreground image. But what overpowers (for me) all are the boys eyes ... there's a youthful, genuine, expectant, here-we-are-in-the-moment kind of feel that can't be faked, or repeated.
Dude! Sweet stash!:D
I like it it's a cute shot and I agree with traveler and kdthomas

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