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Dec 16, 2003
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Isn't anyone excited it's FRIDAY!!!!?

The NHL playoffs start today...only 16 wins and the Oilers can hoist the cup. I've got tickets for the two guaranteed home games...and tickets for all the rest as well. GO OILERS.....BOOO redwings.

p.s. Calgary sucks

Also, I'm excited because I'm having a meeting tomorrow to start up a photography business. It turns out that a co-worker of my wife's has a University degree in Photography (probably a BFA, I don't know)...and recently moved here. She has shot some weddings and wants to get back into it. I think the plan is to do a few weddings on the cheap get the ball rolling and build up a she lost all her images in a flood. Wish me luck.
Good luck, Mike! Sounds like it could be a cool new venture for you.

Nothing exciting planned here. We have a dinner/dance for my college graduationg class. That's about it.
I'm going to a bunch of garage sales after work...then I'm not sure. I had a tenative plan to do a shoot for client...she said she'd call me at least a day ahead of time if she was gonna do it this weekend, but no that may be out for now. (she's my brothers mother in law, and she wants me to do portraits of her dog! :lol: )

Hmmm...other than that, I'm not sure. I should find something to DO this weekend.
Today is getting better. I just picked up a photo job while getting lunch at Subway. I ran into a friend and he wants me to take some group shots at a family reunion / small wedding. I've done some work for him before...supplemental stuff at his wedding. Woo Hoo.
nice going mike :thumbup: :)
And just gonna learn all weekend and take an exam on monday and one on wednesday...............oh and one of thursday. Gonna be one exciting weekend.
Bleh. I wanna go to bed.

And I wanna buy my laptop like yesterday.

Stupid revenue Canada taking their sweet arse time.
Good luck with the new venture, Mike!!
friday.... ehhh Saturday has ended... it is sunday by now!

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