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Jan 31, 2012
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Hey all! This is just a photo that a friend of mine took for the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights. Figured I'd spread the work around since a lot of people I've shown it to like it.We happen to be starting a photo company and are trying to build up our portfolio with a little more competitive photos. This photo requires you shoot the new Mini Cooper, show your people having a good time, and to capture the zoo lights up. If you like the photo (or just want us to win the contest haha) and wouldn't mind, I like the photo in the link (same thing), so we can win the contest (of course feel free to look at the other pictures haha)


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Good luck with your contest. I don't particularly like the image, nor am I familiar with 'competitive photos'.

Your friends are a bit blown out with the light. The car doesn't add anything except a huge distraction. All in all, rather bland shot w/wonky lighting.
AHh the contest required that the car be in it haha. Was sponsored by MINI. Just added that part in there because I forgot about it >.<
It's funny that it's a 'Mini' sponsored contest, yet you kept the Mini in the shadow of the two people.

Also, if this is your first and only post on the forum I will not be voting for you. I voted for one taken with a camera phone.
That's perfectly fine :) And yea we didn't exactly like the car so we decided to take another spin on how to do it. And a few of the other photos were taken with camera phones haha. But if you like the photo you voted for, that's all that matters

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