Friends of mine asked me to take pictures of them...


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Jun 11, 2008
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Hatboro, PA
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For their wedding's "save the date" mailing deal. I was quite shocked/surprised.

I know its a rather generalized question but I'm looking for any advice/pointers/things to look out for in reference to this.

I just have a Canon EOS Rebel XT with the stocker lens that came with it. I also take more night time pictures of vehicles and what not then I do of people so this is a big change for me.

I imagine we'll probably end up at a park or somewhere for this.

Thanks for any advice
Look around on the internet for images that might give you some inspiration for poses, lighting, location etc. You might even print some of them off so that when you are out can show them the picture and say 'do this'.

I'd suggest shooting during the day time, but not in direct sun...looks for a nice shady spot so that you don't have harsh sun & shadows. Overcast days are actually pretty good but not to get too much boring white sky if that is the case. Don't be afraid to use flash outdoors or maybe have someone hold a reflector. Getting a little bit more light in their faces can make the difference between a snapshot and a nice photo.
I found that when doing similar photographs for friends, being their friends made it a lot easier and comfortable...which can make or break a picture in my opinion. If they are uncomfortable, they look it looks like thats one thing you won't have t worry about. I also agree about doing outdoor shots. I don't know anything about using a flash outside, but definitely loved the result of using a reflector to fill in and add more light. Re: Posing--I told my first couple I photographed to walk ahead of me as we were headed to the area we were going to shoot at, and I snapped some candids of them. Get them in their element and while posing them, really try and keep it natural...let them be themselves. Good Luck! Can't wait to see what you get!

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