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Jun 8, 2009
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SW Florida
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A friend got married yesterday. I didnt shoot much. I wasnt the photographer, just a guy with a camera. I snuck up behind them and got one candid capture at sunset.


Thoughts, comments welcomed. Im not much of a portrait specialist.
Oof, they must be bad..... *shrug* well I guess that means they can only get better right? :p


Edit: horizon has been corrected in above pic. Didnt notice it til I posted to flickr.... dur.
As a guest in the wedding I think you did well. Focus is good, exposure is good and WB is good. The first and third are my favorites.
Ya, #2 was a total salvage. Strobe didnt fire. I like the capture but the color makes me nauseous.

I had to shoot all of these with my Nikon 18-200 3.5-5.6 which isnt the sharpest. And most of them are at 5.6 to boot. Some better/faster glass would have made a world of difference. Good thing my birthday is in a couple weeks..... :boogie:

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