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Oct 7, 2010
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Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Hey everyone, thanks for having me. I'm from Halifax, Nova Scotia (east coast Canada, for those unfamiliar). I've been an avid, albeit EXTREMELY amateur photographer for a while now and just started a night course (full time job does not allow for much time).
I have the high hopes of eventually developing my "hobby" into a profession. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen with my current camera. I currently have a Canon Powershot S2 IS which has treated me extremely well! this little camera has turned out some beautiful shots for me, don't get me wrong! But I am limited. Currently in the market for a DSLR and weighing my options. That's actually how I found the site here and have enjoyed what I have seen so far. I hope to bring you some beautiful pictures from my little city here and look forward to take part in the forums. Thanks everyone!

Hello.. i have been there! YOu are lucky you can take beautiful pics there!
Thank you! we definetely have some beautiful scenery here, but I don't have the breathtaking mountains that you do. I haven't been to denver for very long, in fact just a stop over on my way to new mexico, but the mountains were incredible (it was a big deal...we don't have white cap mountains here ;) ). So I am a little jealous of you hehehe

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