From my last trip to Yosemite...


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Nov 13, 2008
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Clients were in full sun and I had to shoot it because we needed to get to the other locations before the sun goes down...

For me, it just looks a bit too staged/Photoshopped. Fun idea but simply doesn't look right I'm afraid.
I LOVE the shot above because it turned out WAY better than I anticipated. The clients were there, the lighting was not ideal, they wanted a photo there, we couldn't wait for better lighting because have to drive to another location 50 minutes away. I was completely out of my element but I managed to work with what I got. It's different than all of my other shots there but I still love it and the clients do too.

Same location, different lighting, different medium (Pentax 67ii medium format on Portra 800)

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I love the drama of these. And in full sun you made it work. I think I saw one of these on Instagram and was enthralled. I’m always envious of your location shoots with your drop dead gorgeous clients. Happy to see you posting here again. Be safe out there!!
I like both shots. I personally think many dismiss the technical difficulties that have to be overcome just to get the shot, the real test of a photographers skill. As always I'm sure your clients are very happy. The only niggle for me are the bottom margins.
I like these. You certainly don't see shots like that every day. I like the expansive background on the first one with the detailed and dramatic sky.
For those who are wondering, the clients were only about 10 ft off the ground. :chuncky:
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I like the first shot a lot, I'd like to see more below them to "ground" the image but I recognise that may not be possible. Well done on conquering the sunlight problem! As always, if the client likes it, who cares what other photographers think? :)
The 2nd shot I'm not so keen on. The subjects look good but the low clouds and haze rob the shot of the drama of the 1st.
I totally recognise that you have no control of that and have to work with what you're given. ;)
I have stood on that very spot many a times and though it's not as high up as it appears it's still too high up for comfort! How you got two people on top of that is bewildering!

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